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According to Coinmarketcap data, OKX, the 6th most reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the world, appears as an alternative exchange. Pay 20% less commission by registering with the OKX exchange, which is the first stop for many cryptocurrencies with the potential to enter Binance.

Since the old name of OKX exchange is OKEX, our visitors who search for “ okex reference code ” can also benefit from the invitation code and win a prize.

Is OKX Safe?

The first criteria you will look at when choosing crypto currency exchanges should be security and convenience. Never prefer exchanges that are not sufficient in terms of security or that you have security weaknesses about. When we look at the security measures of the OKX stock market, the customer support line, and the security stages within the application, we can say that the site is safe enough. The use of OKX is also legal in our country and there are no restrictions on it. According to official data, it ranks 6th among the safest exchanges.

Two-factor security application available via SMS and email. Of course, using the security measures (such as mail verification, sms verification) within the application is highly recommended in OKX, as in every exchange. You can also use the Google Authenticator feature to increase your security. The stock market is sensitive enough to protect your identity information. Providing your personal information is also important for the security of your account.

About OKX Exchange

Cryptocurrencies have shown a rapid rise around the world in recent years and have become an area that investors turn to. It continues to attract new investors as it provides very good profits in the short term. You also need exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies. We examine the stock markets one by one on our site. You can also browse other exchanges by browsing our site. Of course, every stock market has its pros and cons. Apart from this, some special campaigns are organized for users at different times.

There are opportunities to earn passive income other than trading, such as pre-sale, launchpad, startup, staking . In addition, not every exchange lists every cryptocurrency. Therefore, the crypto money you will invest can be found in different exchanges. For this reason, we also introduce other exchanges to you.

In this article, we will introduce you to the OKX exchange. OKX exchange, formerly OKEX, is a platform where cryptocurrencies can be traded on a global scale. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become the focus of attention of investors, as they have made many people rich. The first thing you need to do to buy crypto money is where to buy crypto money. There are many exchanges that provide this. We continue to examine the most famous and most used of these exchanges on our site.

Who is OKX Cryptocurrency Exchange Founder?

Although it is of Chinese origin, they moved their headquarters to Malta after the drastic measures taken by China regarding cryptocurrencies. Its founder is Star Xu . Like many exchanges, this one was founded in 2017. It ranks 17th in terms of transaction volume and 6th in confidence. As of June 2022, it holds 358 coins and 588 trading pairs. In addition to local currencies, you can also buy and sell a crypto currency with parities such as BTC, ETH, USDT. While its name was OKEX before, its name and logo were later changed to OKX. In our country, the number of users is increasing day by day.

Why OKX?

First of all, we said that the name of the OKX exchange was OKEX before. We can say that the reason for this change is that the stock market changes and develops its vision. In the official statement, it was announced that the stock market was centralized before, and then it will both focus on these and go towards decentralization in order to have a greater say in the world of NFT, Metaverse and Web3.

  • Became the official sponsor of the English Premier League champions Manchester City.
  • Many exchanges sponsor and cooperate in order to participate in the audits of people in social life and to make their name known. This, of course, increases reliability and awareness.
  • It offers a “binary investment” opportunity that is not available in other exchanges. With binary investment, you can earn profits regardless of the bull and bear market.
  • It has 357 coins and 558 trading pairs. In other words, you have the opportunity to buy a coin with coins such as USDT, BTC, ETH.
  • You can trade futures with leverage up to 125x.
  • You can buy and sell NFT products on the OKX NFT market.
  • If you want, you can trade and improve yourself without depositing money in the demo trades section.
  • Buy or deposit $50 worth of crypto and receive a surprise box, exclusive to new users.
  • If you invite your friends with the referral code and your friend does the necessary actions, you can get surprise boxes worth up to $2,000.
  • The OKX exchange’s own coin is OKB. If you keep this coin, you will both earn passive income and lower your commission fee.

OKX Commission Rates

  • OKX commission fee is low. The transaction fee at OKX is 0.1%. If you make a $1000 transaction, they will charge you a $1 transaction fee.
  • The rate, which is 0.1% for normal users, varies according to your daily and monthly trading volume, and the commission fee decreases as your trading volume increases.

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OKX Mobile App Review

The application interface is very simple and easy as seen in the pictures. Its design is stylish and the interface is neat, uncluttered. The application is very fast, there is no lag and you can easily do your transactions. A newly registered user can easily use it. Turkish language support is also very good. You can check the parities and prices of the coins in the “Discover” section. And you can move on to the trading part. You can easily buy and sell from the   “Buy/Sell” section. You can access the messages sent to you by the application from the “Messages” section. You can see your account balance in the “Assets” section. You can also check how much money you have in your wallet from the “Assets” section; You can make deposits, withdrawals and transfers.


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