Gazi Üniversitesi İİBF İngilizce 2.Sınıf Final Soruları (1.Öğretim)


Gazi Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi 2.Sınıf 1.Öğretim İngilizce Final Sorularıdır. Sınav çıkan soruların yarısını tez basımdaki 368 numaralı nottan aynılarını sormuşlar.
Not: Bora Vural’ın final notu
Kitap: Öxford University Press


1-) We guarantee that all the……….. we sell are of the very highest quality.
A) Chains        B) İnvestors           C) Industries            D) Products

2-) Some people can ………………. Their feelings throught the music thep play.
A)Inspire         B) Express           C) Expire          D) Impress

3-) When I go to the supermarket, I ……………..all the “special offer” items.
A) Try on         B)  Call on           C) Buy up             D) Hang on

4-) Many newly-born animals are ………………..and cannot move at all.
A) Helpless        B) Helpful            C) Thoughtless             D) Thoughtful

5-) It is……………….to have a licence if you drive a car on the road.
A) Optional     B) Compulsory        C) Boring           D) Useless

6-) My sister is very ………..person and intends to become a managing director. I’m sure she will succeed in it.
A) ambitious        B) lazy           C) undecided          D) polite

7-) We couldn’t think of a solution but suddenly Mike………… a great idea.
A) put up wiht      B) looked for       C) came up with          D) caught on

8-) It is important to …………..somebody who has worked hard and done well.
A) tolerant     B) argue         C) discuss           D) praise

9-) It was undoubtedly a………..18th century desk. It was real.
A) false     B) genuine        C) fake          D) praise

10-) I’m not old enough to look after a baby.
A)catch on      B) get across       C) take care of         D) turn into

11-) A good teacher is one who is able to encourage students to work hard or that they can manage to want.
A)Motivate someone      B) be tolerant of someone        C) praise someone         D) ignore someone | Üniversite Bilgi Paylaşım Platformu

12-) Business failures hav erisen rapidly in recent months.
A) Showly    B) Steadily        C) Gradually          D) Quickly

13-) We need your help to collect Money for urgent medical research.
A) Raise      B)Store        C) Save         D) Gather

14-) Even if you don’t agree with what someone is doing, you should try and accept it without complaining about it.
A) Appreciate someone      B) Be rude to someone       C) Walk away from someone          D) Give up on someone


I was out shopping the other week, and I saw a lovely sweater on sale. Clothes made of that material cost a (15)……… at I. 30 it seemed a real(16)………and I immediately paid (17)……..for it. I haven’t got a credit card because I don’t want to get into(18) ……….. The shop assistant gave me a (19)……… When I arrived home, though, I found the sweater had a large hole in it. I took it back to the shop staightaway and asked the assistant for a (20) ………., but he simply……….me and starting serving another customer. In the end, I had to be plain(22)………., demanding that he gave me my Money back. Which he did.

15-) A) Worth           B) Fortune              C) Sum               D) Wealth
16-) A) Sale              B) İnvestment         C) Product          D) Bargain
17-) A) Metal            B) Change              C) Cash               D) Coin
18-) A) Owe              B) Due                   C) Loan               D) Debt
19-) A) Stamp           B) Receipt              C) Repay             D) Ticket
20-) A) Refund         B) Return                C) Writing           D) Replace
21-) A) Pretended     B) İgnored              C) Neglected       D) Regarded
22-) A) Polite            B) Rough                C) Violent           D) Rude

Part-3 “Gramer”

23-) “I had to tidy my room because my parents said so” means………………..
A) My parents made me tidy my room     B) My parents didn’t make me tidy my room           C) My parents didn’t tidy room                D) My parents tidied my room.

24-) “As a child, I wasn’t allowed to watch that film”
“As a child, my parents,……………………..that film”

A) allowed met o watch                                           B) didn’t let me watch
C) let me watch                                                        D) didn’t prevent me from watch.

25-) That shop is open on Sundays. I buy my boks there.
That shop, ………….., is open on Sundays.

A) Which sells books      B) When I buy books
C) Where I buy books     D) That sells boks

26-) Which sentence is grammatically incorrect?
A)The sea isn’t enough warm to swim at the moment.
B) There are too many people in the world.
C) We haven’t got enoug petrol to get home
D) I’m selling my car because it is too expensive to…

27-) The children ……….go camping than stay at a hotel.
A) Should      B) Had better        C) Could          D) Would rather

PART-4 “READİNG”    Find the irrelevant sentence in questions 28-30

28-) (1) Edward Munch, the painter of the famous painting, “The scream” was born in Oslo. (2) People don’t always like this powerful art.(3) He had a sad childhood. (4) His mum died when he was only five (5) You can see his sadness and depression in a lot of his art.
A) 1     B) 2       C) 3          D) 4

29-) (1) There are many ways to preserve and maintain good health. (2) They include individual preventive-care measures.(3) A health examination is likely to include a seris of tests.(4) These measures include regular physical examinations and the proper care of the body.(5) Other preventive-care activities include immunization and social control over abusive practices.
A) 1     B) 2       C) 3         D) 4

30-) (1) Divorce was not recognized in Canada until the 1960s. (2) Marriage later came to be considered a civil contact. (3) Before that time, the only way to get divorced was to apply the Canadian senate.(4) The Canadian senate, a special committee would undertake an investigation of a request for a divorce. (5) And if they found that the request had merit, the marriage would be dissolved by a private bill.
A) 1     B) 2       C) 3         D) 4

Choose the best sentence to complete the paragraph in questions 31-33

31-) …………The speed and degree of this decline depends on how long and how heavily the person has smoked. Amond those who have smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day for more than 20 years, a minimum of three years must pass after quitting before a decreased risk for cancer is evident.
A) When people give up smoking, the risk of developing tobacco-related diseases declines.
B) Elderly people who smoke lose their mental faculties up to five times faster than non-smokers.
C) Giving up smoking is something very difficult for most speakers.
D) These apparently opposite effects are produced by nicotine.

32-) A variety of drug treatments have been shown to benefit patients of Alzheimer disease…….. However, the temporarily relieve some of the symptoms in some patients.

A) The causes of the disease are not yet fully understood
B) The disease causes intellectual impairment
C) The dru is known not to have any side effects
D) In fact, none are a cure.

33-) ……………… Examples of suitable personal sports are dancing, active games, bicycle or horse riding, hiking and. People who can’t find time to engage in such personal sports may keep fit by means of simple exercise.


A) These are two basic types of physical fitness.
B) The body’s ağabeylity to adjust to stres is linked to physical fitness.
C) For most people, personal sports offer the best opportunity for keeping fit.
D) Exercise programsa re therefore necessary to maintain fitness.

Answer the questions 34-40 according to the given paragraph below

Twenty-five percent of all children watch at least four hours of television daily. Most children sit on the bu sor in a car rather than expending their own energy to get to and from school. Although health experts recommend that children should be active an hour a day, fewer than twenty percent of them get even thirty minutes of daily activity. This decrease in physical activity contributes significantly to America’s childhood obesity rates. Nine million American children are overweight, three times more than in 1980. However, faced with pressure to improve test scores, some schools have eliminated breaks to provide more class time. Often parents are not aware that schools aren’t providing adequate opportunities for physical activity. In a national survey, most parents, thought their children’s schools were doing a “good” to “excellent” job making daily physical education avaible to all students. Fewer than eight percent of schools, however, actually provide students with daily physical education.

34-) “Recommend” in line 2 most probably means……..
A) show      B) advise        C) oppose          D) think

35-) As stated in the passage, some schools have done away with break time because………
A) They believe that they can increase test scores by decreasing breaks.
B) They don’t believe that children need exercise
C)Parents don’t feel that break time is necessary.
D) Parents believe that obesity is not bad or dangereous.

36-) According to the health experts, children……..
A) Should eat more healthy food.                            B) Ought to do exercise an hour a day
C) Ought not to have physical activities                  D) Shouldn’t g oto school

37-) “This dicrease” in line 3 refers to……….
A) Decline in the concern of parents about their children
B) Decrease in numbers of students attending school.
C) Decrease in physical activity of children
D) Growing amount of exercise

38-) According to the passage, the most important reason of obesity in children is……
A) İnadequate physical activity     B) too muchphysical activity
C) fast food                                    D) carelessness of parents

39-) According to the passage, most children get to school …….
A) by running      B) on foot        C) by bicycle          D) by motor vehicles

40-) It is clear in the passage that…….
A) Obesity is not caused by the decrease in physical activity.
B) Obesity rates have not increased since 1980.
C) A quarter of all children watch TV more than three hours a day.
D) Nearly all schools provide students with daily physical education.


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