Vize-Final Soruları

Gonca Bayraktar Durgun–Siyaset Bilimi Final Soruları

Gonca Bayraktar Durgun – Siyaset Bilimi Final Soruları 

Duration of Exam: 55 minutes

PART 1: Define three of the following concepts

1- Political equality, patriarchy, dialectic change, anarchism, fascism, the state from organizational view

*- Choose only one

2- Classify conservatism and explain each from. Make a list of elements of conservatism.
3- Classify socalism and explain each from. Make a list of elements of socialism

*- Choose only one

4- Explain the concept of democray in the context of three central questions, who are the people? How should people rule? And how far should popular rule extend?

5- Explain pluralist, elitist and corporatist views on liberal democracy.
6- Explain if the state is a positive or constructive force, or a negative or destructive entity fom the perspectives of the rival theorises of the state( the pluralist state, the capitalist state, the leviathan state, the patriarchal state=

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